strona główna / club manager


Impossible is nothing

“Impossible is nothing” is not only my professional motto but an accurate summary of my career. Following challenges, guided by business intuition, openness to change, and passion, I attract fantastic people to myself. Together with diverse teams for the past 20 years, I have consistently shaped my professional path in the SSC/BPO sector. For the majority of this time, I developed the BPO center for IBM in Krakow, gaining a reputation as an innovative and effective leader. Among my achievements is the establishment of the Continuous Improvement department at IBM, which I led for the next 4 years.

Combining my professional ambitions with a passion for travel, I took on the task of establishing and optimizing the first BPO center in Russia. Another important milestone on my business journey was the OpusCapita center in Toruń, where I led the Robotics Projects Atomization team for two years. Currently, I am responsible for the development of a unique boxing club and association in the Tricity area. New challenges and continuous development are driven by boxing, crossfit, early rising, love for my husband, and pride in my sons.

Lucyna Mach
Club Manager
Tel. +48 509 611 441