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Boxing is one of the oldest combat sports, with its origins dating back to Ancient Greece and Rome. You don’t need to plan a professional career to experience the benefits of this activity. Images of aggressive fights in the ring are reserved for professionals. Amateur boxing training teaches the correct technique for delivering punches, using evasions and blocks, as well as proper posture and movement.

During the sessions, various equipment such as a boxing bag, jump rope, and dumbbells are utilized. Boxing training has a positive impact on improving fitness, speed, agility, and motor coordination. The sessions are suitable for everyone, as they are always tailored to the participants’ skill levels.

Boxing for All Skill Levels

Boxing for all skill levels can be a lot of fun for us, with a lower risk of injury or more serious harm. Importantly, regular boxing training, in addition to improving well-being, can also result in improved fitness and strengthened character. These are comprehensive development classes that will enhance your fitness, increase endurance, and teach you technique.

During boxing training, we focus on punching with fists. The basic punches include:
– hook punch,
– straight punch,
– uppercut.

The journey into boxing typically begins with learning to maintain the correct posture, movement, and punching technique. Once the basics are mastered, participants move on to much more demanding training sessions, where fighting skills are developed, and one’s own style is cultivated.

In a fight, the boxing stance is crucial, which is why we emphasize learning technically correct movement habits and mastering the proper body position. All sessions focus on increasing body awareness and building confidence in one’s own strength.

For whom is the training?
The sessions are designed for both beginners starting their boxing journey and those who have acquired basic boxing techniques. Training is also suitable for those who have trained before or had a break in training. It’s an excellent way to get back in shape, cleanse oneself of negative emotions, and simply an effective method for burning excess body fat.

Boxing- Task-based sparring

The training consists of warm-up, partner exercises, sparring, working on bags, and finishing exercises. It is accompanied by very intense physical effort. Task-based sparring significantly influences technical development and understanding of specific positions in a fight.

The training includes various combat movements arising from specific situations. During the training, we learn how to adopt the right position when launching a series of punches during an attack.

BOXING - Saturday sparring session

“The warm-up before sparring should be done individually. The training includes the boxer’s smooth movement, easy transition from attack to defense, and properly executed punches to limit energy loss, which is crucial in rapidly changing fight conditions. There is no perfect fighting style suitable for every type of boxer, so it is important to strive to develop one’s own style, taking into account the basic principles of boxing technique. Shaping correct habits from the very beginning of training is particularly important, as it allows the creation of a good, individual boxing style later on.

Boxing sparring shapes character – individuals who decide to start them should be prepared for hard but very satisfying work. Determination in pursuing goals, commitment, and readiness to overcome one’s own limits are essential qualities of a boxer.”

Boxing - Technique - Not Only for Beginners

Boxing technique encompasses all methods of attack and defense. The tactical possibilities for a boxer increase in direct proportion to their technical preparation. The more advanced a boxer’s technique, the greater their room for maneuver on the tactical field.

During boxing technique training, you will learn: the ability to move quickly and easily, allowing the boxer to choose the most suitable moment for attack and defense in constantly changing situations; mastery of a full range of attacking punches, based on practiced movements, executed unpredictably, swiftly, with necessary sharpness and power; ingrained reflexes and habits during defense, protecting against opponent’s strikes; mastery of the technique of controlling punches, always combined with a defensive maneuver.

Only a well-prepared boxer who has excellent control over their body is able to fully master boxing technique and effectively utilize it in a fight. Proper mastery of boxing technique allows for the quick and efficient execution of all, even the most complex tasks. The high dynamism of the fight requires that all of the boxer’s movements be as purposeful as possible. Therefore, boxing technique is characterized by connections between each successive movement, where one flows from the other and is its natural continuation.


Training dedicated to women who want to practice boxing and martial arts enthusiasts. The classes include: learning basic boxing techniques, building endurance, and developing strength and fitness. During the sessions, muscles throughout the body are activated, allowing for overall body strengthening. The exercises support concentration and help gain speed. Boxing training facilitates fat burning while simultaneously building a balanced physique with defined muscles. Thanks to the training, you will not only lose unnecessary calories and learn how to deliver punches correctly but also become familiar with defenses against unexpected attacks, making you feel more confident. Boxing for women is beneficial for health, and during bag work sessions, you can burn up to 800 calories.


One of the better ways to build aerobic endurance in combat sports athletes and beyond.
It involves setting up 8 to 15 stations. The work time at each station is 30 seconds, and the rest between stations should be between 20 and 40 seconds.
Rest time after completing the circuit is 2 to 3 minutes. You should complete 3 to 8 circuits. The pace of work at each station should be fast and dynamic. The training primarily develops dynamic strength rather than muscle mass. The selection of the appropriate weight is a crucial element in circuit training. Since the work time at each station is 30 seconds, and the work is to be dynamic, the weight should not be too heavy. It is generally accepted that it should be around 30% of the maximum weight the individual can lift at a given station to effectively utilize those 30 seconds. Circuit training is an excellent method for building endurance. It works in different planes, and the training itself is not monotonous.

Muay thai

Muay Thai classes are designed for individuals at every level, including complete beginners and advanced practitioners. Muay Thai is the most comprehensive stand-up combat sport, known as the “art of eight limbs” – participants learn how to strike effectively using fists, elbows, knees, and kicks. Allowed techniques include throws, sweeps, and takedowns. Clinch fighting is also an integral part of the art. The classes have a general developmental character and significantly contribute to improving dynamism, flexibility, and motor skills.

What do you need to start?

If you’re just starting your boxing journey, you won’t immediately need boxing gloves. To learn the techniques and strengthen your body, comfortable and breathable athletic shoes along with suitable sportswear will suffice. Before you start sparring, don’t forget to equip yourself with a mouthguard, groin protector, and your first pair of boxing gloves! Good luck!