strona główna / about us


Together since 2021!

Our beginnings in this location date back to 2021, but we have been conducting training in other places since 2011.

Boxing is a classic sport. Anyone looking for real challenges, wanting to develop both body and mind harmoniously, knowing that only through hard work and inner discipline will achieve something in life, will find a true haven with us. We operate in accordance with the ideals of Papa Stamm. We teach, support, provide what is most important in sports – a sense of security, self-confidence, inner peace.

We started in 2011, but we draw on the traditions of the G. boxing school. The classes take place in a fully equipped, professionally designed training room located in the area of the Gdańsk Shipyard. In this historical and iconic place, just a few steps from the gates of the Gdańsk Shipyard where the fight for freedom, solidarity, and justice took place, we continue the struggle for a better future and the dreams of young people under the patronage of an exceptional man and athlete, Jan Bianga.

We are creating a place that serves as an integration point for generations and a shipyard for talents.

Led by professional trainers, our participants are divided into groups according to their level of advancement.