strona główna / hall rental


The Boxing Club is a 400 m2 extremely atmospheric space with a multifunctional hall and a professional ring that can serve as a stage for a DJ or a venue for a debate in the form of a “word fight.” It is a lively meeting place open to the needs of the Tricity community. The presence of natural light inside creates a positive impression, allowing the club to operate from morning to evening.

The bright and spacious interior of the 90s boxing hall has the character of a pleasant, cinematic setting, which, through appropriate arrangement and lighting, can transform into an elegant banquet hall, a club-like space, or a conference room conducive to focus.

Located on the second floor of the Gdańsk Shipyard hall, the atmospheric boxing club provides an excellent space for more intimate corporate meetings, training sessions, workshops, press conferences, presentations, and special events.

The cultural atmosphere of the developing Gdańsk Shipyard contributes to the sociable and professional nature of the meetings. The seamless connection of the building with the adjacent spaces of the Shipyard allows for the organization of outdoor events in the spring-summer season. We approach the organization of each event individually, paying attention to the needs and expectations of our guests. We would be pleased to meet over coffee and discuss the details of your planned event.


The Boxing Club is a venue with a unique character, featuring a hall that can accommodate over 150 people.

The space of the Boxing Club can be arranged in many ways, using various layouts. Depending on the arrangement, both more intimate groups coming for training and people participating in events will feel great in the offered space.

The hall is air-conditioned, and the height of the room gives the impression that the space is “breathing,” with guests appreciating access to more natural light.